Using Ecosystem Partners to Build Opportunity

At the 2019 Gigamon® Partner Summit, Phil Griston, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at Gigamon, presented that the route to partner success is building joint offerings combining Gigamon and your other linecard ecosystem partnerships to create compelling, competitive solutions that meet real customer needs.

Outlining what customers and CEOs actually want, he notes that, “As much as ever, digital business matters.” In fact, as many as two-thirds of enterprises are driving digital business transformation projects. Griston breaks this down by customer type into segments:

  • 62 percent are driving a management initiative to make business more digital
  • 54 percent prioritize transformation of business processes, while
  • 46 percent are more focused on optimization

To deliver on these transformation projects, customers need to optimize network performance while ensuring that the new digital business processes do not increase the assumed risk of the business due to inadequate security.

Security teams are thinking about zero trust models and the requirement to examine user and application activity on the network. They need to extend the reach of existing security tools to cover new infrastructure — especially as more and more cloud solutions are used. Efficiency is critical — both with the spend on technology but, perhaps even more so, with the management time required by the staff to perform their function.

Griston reminded us that it’s much more common to hear customers describe their project as needing to introduce a new DLP solution, upgrade their IPS or introduce user behavior tools than it is to hear a need for visibility — but Gigamon products can make solutions to all of these much more competitive.

For the network teams, they similarly have to support the new digital transformation projects while maintaining or ideally increasing the availability of the network and critical business applications. They need to instrument the network to understand the impact of the changes and ensure critical applications are running smoothly. And they need to do it in a way that allows incremental changes to be made without interrupting daily business activity.

Griston emphasized that Gigamon can help achieve all these goals, but it needs to be introduced alongside your ecosystem of tool partners to provide a complete solution to prospects. In all these cases the headline need is met by one of your partner’s tools getting to analyze the traffic flowing — but Gigamon allows for all the conditional requirements to be met and for the overall solution to be as efficient and resilient as possible.

According to Griston, creating a differentiated solution with Gigamon and our ecosystem partners help customers deliver on their business transformation initiatives.  It also provides you with a unique value proposition in the market place and an opportunity to offer value added services.

Griston believes that by leveraging your ecosystem offerings, you can exponentially increase the overall competitive value and create compelling solutions for your customers’ digital transformations. Be sure to listen to the full presentation and find out how to create unique value for your customers with the Gigamon Ecosystem.

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