#1. Last Chance to Score Big on Our Q1 Incentive Programs!

Submit your incentive claim by March 31, 2019.

Take advantage of these Q1 incentives and an expanded target account list before it’s too late: 

  • Deal Registration Incentive Program (guide here): Earn US$1,000 for registering a deal that introduces Gigamon® to one of our target accountsnow with more than 2,000 additional target accounts!
  • Net-New Logo Incentive Program (guide here): We’re offering special discounts, plus earn US$1,000 for each qualifying Gigamon net-new logo deal you bring in.
  • Inline Bypass Incentive Program (guide here): Sell one or more GigaVUE-HC1, HC2 or HC3 with appropriate bypass module and earn US$5,000! Plus, both the sales representative and sales engineer qualify to receive US$2,500 each.

Our incentives will be changing in Q2, so act now!

#2. Game Changer: Gigamon Insight Wins Most Innovative Product of the Year

Gigamon Insight was awarded Most Innovative Product of the Year by Cyber Defense Magazine, a significant milestone for Gigamon and our partners. Learn more about this coveted award and the powerful capabilities of Gigamon Insight and pass on the news to your customers.

#3. Have You Downloaded the Gigamon Sales Playbook Yet?

Download this invaluable resource, which will help you position Gigamon solutions with network, security, cloud and service provider buyers, featuring specific use cases for each.
Get your copy here >

#4. Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers

Written by technology research firm CyberEdge, this definitive guide outlines the benefits of using a next-generation network packet broker (NGNPB). The guide provides a clear overview of these tools and their capabilities, and what it means to be next generation — critical information to pass on to your customers today. The guide includes:

  • The evolution and future of NGNPBs
  • Whether NGNPBs are right for your customers
  • Four high-impact use cases
  • Key steps to help ensure you choose the right NGNPB

Just want to read key takeaways and highlights? Check out the executive summary.

#5. New Success Story: Learn Which Gigamon Solution Gave a Major U.S. Retailer the Win

Read and share with your customers this latest Gigamon success story of how a large clothing retailer achieved better visibility, without getting overburdened, by deploying the Gigamon Insight cloud-based solution.

Get the full story >

#6. Tell Your Customers Today: Maintenance Release 5.4.02 Is Long-Term Solution for GigaVUE H Series

Be sure to direct your customers to the Customer Community site, where they can get a copy of the newest long-term solution maintenance software release 5.4.02, plus read how to make the upgrade as smooth as possible.

#7. NEW: Gigamon TechSmart Briefs Series

You want to keep up but maybe you’re short on time. Enter Gigamon TechSmart Briefs, our new technical enablement series that offers fresh perspectives and information in bite-sized 15-minute or less segments. Formerly known as TechBites, the biweekly TechSmart Briefs are presented by Gigamon Sales Engineers (SE) and address timely presales technical topics, including use cases, Ecosystem Partners, solution components and overviews.

In our first TechSmart Brief, we cover the joint solution between FireEye and Gigamon. Host Gigamon SE Navin Tekchandani reviews the technical benefits of the joint solution:

  • Improved production network reliability
  • Greater security posture consistency
  • Greater security tool efficiency

Watch now >

In the second TechSmart Brief, Gigamon SE Adam Balog reviews the integration of the Imperva web application firewall with the Gigamon solution. Additionally, Adam highlights a real-world use case from when Adam was a Gigamon customer.

Watch now >

#8. Gigamon Community: Share, Learn and Get the Most Up-to-Date Tech Content

As the Community numbers keep growing, so too does the volume of technical content, making the Community an easily accessible and valuable resource. Here are some tips for engagement:

  • Become a trusted insider: Join any of our 13 interest-based groups for more focused collaboration with like-minded members.
  • Don’t be shy! Share your expertise: Community members will value your expertise.  It’ll also give your company visibility with Gigamon customers.
  • Remember — use your Partner Portal credentials to log in to the Community: Register for the portal first and use those credentials for the Community.

Share your feedback at community@gigamon.com.

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