Gigamon Visibility Platform Brings ROI

A new report from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) reveals that deploying the Gigamon® Visibility Platform can result in a 100 percent increase in NetFlow performance, while driving down personnel costs as much as 50 percent.

By deploying Gigamon intelligent network traffic visibility platform, ESG found that customers experienced a wide range of economic and technical benefits, achieving a balance between security needs and growth:

  • Reduced hardware and software costs
  • Reduction in the time needed to analyze traffic for security
  • Reduction in network complexity
  • Business enablement

Report: The Market Will Continue to Grow

Eighty percent of the data that exists has been created in the last 24 months. Of the data that will exist in 2021, just 20 percent exists today. Within this environment, the conundrum is to maintain network performance while maintaining security at the same time.

Achieving the Impossible

Ultimately, ESG reports that the Gigamon platform meets the needs of Network Operations by delivering network performance while enabling a cost effective and secure environment. Not only does the platform achieve this balance and manage network traffic in on-premises, virtual and cloud environments, the end results give significant economic benefits to customers.

Gigamon offers your customers more than just visibility, it simply makes economic sense. Read the full report from ESG to find out how Gigamon can bring this value to your customers.

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