Gigamon 2019 Sales Playbook Now Available

We’re excited to announce our 2019 Sales and Marketing Playbook. The playbook serves as a guide with which to tailor your conversations with customers and prospects, in order to better align with their needs.

Know Your Customer

Start by asking what are your customer’s needs? What does your customer want to do? By breaking down customer buyers and prospect concerns into use cases in the following key categories, the playbook lets you easily outline the value of the Gigamon platform:

  • Optimize application and network performance
  • Improve on-premises security
  • Simplify and control access to network data
  • Improve security in public clouds
  • Enhance service provider infrastructure visibility
  • Maintain security during infrastructure transformation

Keep the Playbook Handy and Get the Most Out of It

In addition to identifying technical needs, the playbook identifies the ideal target customer, offers an ecosystem cheat sheet and illustrates sales plays for enterprise network, security and service providers.

It’s an invaluable reference resource you’ll want to keep readily accessible. You can also get a more in-depth version of the SKO Sales Playbook 2019 via the Partner Portal.

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